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 Hello, I'm Shawna Turner!   I consider myself extremely lucky to have a job doing something I love so much with guests who make me never want to stop!  I have 2  little boys who keep me super busy when i'm not working and my favorite thing in the world is to spend time with them.  I'm a total book worm, I dream about taking naps, and I love my coffee to taste like dessert.  Brene Brown is my favorite author and believe it or not, I also have a degree in Fashion Design and love to design and make clothes.

 I have been in the industry for 19 years!  I believe age is merely a number, not a state of being.  As women, we are so busy with our families, career's, exercising, traveling, hobbies, and every day life that we sometimes put our selves last. If this lifestyle sounds familiar, and you are working on self care and putting yourself as a priority too, then I'm the stylist for you!  I feel so honored to get to be a part of  your "me time" and help you leave feeling rejuvenated and special!  If you like to keep up on trends, maybe cover some grey, and you want to have a look that fits your lifestyle, then come get in my chair!

I'm really passionate about educating myself and keeping up with the industry.  I am also passionate about educating my guests on what I am doing to ensure that they always go home leaving confident that they can do their new style on their own.  It's extremely important to me that my guest feels listened to, pampered, and well prepared to continue their new look on their own.  I love helping you enhance your natural beauty and  helping you feel amazing in your everyday life. I'm all about helping you look the very best that you can, with the least amount of effort possible!  My personal goal is to always strive to take beauty to the next level both inside and out!   



I am so grateful that I got to have my brow microblading done by Shawna. It was a totally pleasant experience and I feel so much more polished and beautiful. What a great moral boost. Your in good hands with Shawna!

Hillory Hippen

Shawna is a skilled stylist and has an uncanny eye for color. Whether she is going for a conservative look or something a bit more edgy, I leave feeling amazing. As a bonus, she is the best, most cost-effective therapist I know!

Jessica Stahl

Shawna has been styling my hair for 10 years. When I met her I had very damaged hair. She has been an excellent source for recommending product and hair styles to repair my hair and make me feel beautiful. Shawna is also awesome with color. She researches the best products in the industry and uses only products that will maximize my color and leave my hair in the best possible condition. 
Her ability to educate me with styling techniques and cut my hair with a style I can manage is something I have never had with another stylist. I'm not very talented styling my own hair, but using the products she recommends and the brush techniques she has educated me with, I feel like I can pull off a really good look.
I have followed her to many salons over the years and I believe that she has finally found the perfect fit. Liv Salon has a touch of class! Her private studio gives me the classy experience I deserve when I'm getting pampered!

Natalie Weller

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